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Program Overview

With today’s constantly shifting global political and economic realities, it is increasingly essential that leaders in these fields continue to advance their ability to learn. The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) executive long ago recognized that traditional models of education, while still relevant for a great many subjects, lack the ability to adequately build the deeper learning and personal development that our leaders require.

The multi-phase program is slated to commence in January 20181  and be completed in time for initial results to be presented to a selected panel of experts in June, 2018. During the first phase of the program, participants will explore their assigned theme as selected by the CACP Board and refined to greater detail by Executive Advisors representing the appropriate CACP Standing Committees. The cohort will explore and build a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities contained within this research theme in both a domestic and global context. They will be required to validate their interpretation of the theme through consultations with both CACP Committees early in the program. The participants will develop new skills, abilities and insights in interpretive inquiry and systems inquiry while learning and applying a variety of research methods. They will receive coaching, guidance and current information from experts in the subject matter and from the academic research community while they work together to define their research question and to develop a common framework for their studies2

The next phase of the program will focus on field study planning and team building. With assistance from the International Committee and the RCMP International Liaison Officers, sub-teams will identify and interact with foreign sources to determine the most viable and potentially informative sites for their global studies. Their collective and individual study plans will be presented to a VIP Panel of senior police leaders for validation and commentary. Once finalized, sub-teams will take responsibility for their final planning, scheduling and travel logistics with assistance from a Program Delivery Team.

During the field study phase, participants will conduct approximately 2 weeks of in-depth research at the selected study sites with a view to identifying key elements, methodologies, policies, practices, relevant systems and technologies, and socio-political insights that may be relevant to similar challenges in Canada. As part of this study phase, each sub-team is challenged to engage all of its members in the production of an extensive research report and/or other media products on their particular site studies. Returning to the classroom as a full team for the final workshop, participants will further examine and interpret their collective findings and develop potential strategies for their generalized application within the Canadian context. With attention to the implementation and systems challenges implied by their findings, the team members will ultimately determine the key messages, which will eventually comprise their final products.

The full team will make a presentation of the CACP Global 2018 preliminary findings and recommendations to the Executive Advisory Group and during a subsequent working phase in mid-June, the final results and products from the program will be assembled to form a formal report of findings and recommendations to be shared across Canada. This volunteer Writing Team is challenged by their cohort colleagues to produce a final product that will gain the broadest interest and application within and beyond the police leadership community. Finally, a volunteer delegation of CACP Global 2018 members will present the team’s outcomes to the CACP general membership at the Annual Conference in August 2018 in Halifax.


Portions of the program are conducted via CACP Global Online, a dedicated working forum for participants. Global Online forms an important and ongoing part of the learning and research processes for the program. Global Online activities commence early in January 2018 and continue through to the Annual Conference in August. Full and active participation is mandatory throughout.

The proposed design and project plan for the CACP Global program is presented for approval by the CACP Board of Directors in the preceding August. Final design and delivery of the program is supported by leading police educators, program designers, speakers, academics and subject matter experts from the national policing community and other sectors. Program Alumni also contribute their experience and provide peer-mentoring support. The program is overseen by an Executive Advisory Group comprised of senior stakeholders from within the Canadian policing community, the International Committee, and selected Committees relevant to the theme assigned.